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Bento Boxes
I had been into bento boxes for a while, i thought they were cute and interesting, but i never tried to do one up because i felt like it would be really difficult since i am not the main grocery shopper in this house. THEN one day about a week ago my mom came home with two bento boxes for us, out of the blue!
when she told me she was into trying out bento, i was so happy!
finally someone who i can do it with, that will make it so much better!
so here i present to you, our first ever bentos :)

Bento Box
This is mine, containing 2 slices of vegetarian wrap, carrots with garlic dip, kiwis and strawberry, and a deli potato salad ^_^

Bento Box
and here is hers! everything is the same except hers omits the dip, and has a bean salad instead of a potato salad.

we are very excited to get molds and cut outs so we can start making them cute!


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