Mini Blueberry Muffins
I was grocery shopping about a week ago and saw this adorable mini muffin pan, but i decided to pass it up (i am a bit short on cash right now..).
went back on Tuesday and guess what?! it was on sale :) score! so of course i had to buy it.
and then i had to make mini muffins asap.
I decided on blueberry muffins with a streusel topping...mmmm.
they are SO nummy! out of the 24 the pan makes i think there is like 10 left..and i made them yesterday!
blueberry mini muffins
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Sesame - Mango Chicken with brown rice
Mmm so Yesterday my mother and i decided to cook something new for us to eat for dinner. I got home from work at 7:20 ish and we were eating by 8 :) let me just say.... MMM. this stuff is good. and healthy (:O)
Found this recipe in a clean eating magazine, Sesame- Mango Chicken...YUMMYYYY.

mango chicken

You KNOW that looks yummy :)

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Chocolate Silk Pie
OKAY, another post i know! i like to post each recipe or object separately though, its just easier for organization in my opinion.
So after i made the fudge yesterday i had a lot of evaporated milk left and i couldn't just let it go to waste, but i have no idea how long it will keep in the fridge (at all? :|) so i needed to use as much of it up as possible.
I searched for evaporated milk recipes and found CHOCOLATE SILK PIE. Doesnt that sound amazing?
well guess what, it is!!! it really is SO good. The inside is like a pudding almost, very silky, with the outside being sort of brownie ish. It's hard to describe, but it is awesome.
My dad ate a bite and was like "WOW" so you KNOW its good!

chocolate silk pie

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I had never made fudge before and to be honest i thought it might be kind of difficult, but boy was i wrong!
The hardest part was finding the freaking walnuts in my cupboard! GAAAAHHH! I searched for like 20 minutes, most frustrating thing EVER!!!
After that, this was a breeeze.

Doesnt it look delicious? It was! everyone in my house is raving :)

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Deviled Eggs
Yesterday was my first time ever trying (or making!) deviled eggs :)
Personally,i am an egg FANATIC. I love eggs any possible way you could eat them, so when i was stumped as to what i should eat for lunch of course i though, deviled eggs! its time to try them!
So without further ado, my yummy eggs :)

Deviled Eggs
They may be a bit messy but they were delicious :)
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Bento Boxes
I had been into bento boxes for a while, i thought they were cute and interesting, but i never tried to do one up because i felt like it would be really difficult since i am not the main grocery shopper in this house. THEN one day about a week ago my mom came home with two bento boxes for us, out of the blue!
when she told me she was into trying out bento, i was so happy!
finally someone who i can do it with, that will make it so much better!
so here i present to you, our first ever bentos :)

Bento Box
This is mine, containing 2 slices of vegetarian wrap, carrots with garlic dip, kiwis and strawberry, and a deli potato salad ^_^

Bento Box
and here is hers! everything is the same except hers omits the dip, and has a bean salad instead of a potato salad.

we are very excited to get molds and cut outs so we can start making them cute!

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
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